Tax Resources for ARTpreneurs and ‘Creative’ Solopreneurs


As yTaxtimeou know tax season is upon us and as a ‘Creative’ you may slightly cringe at the thought of April 15th…or you may sweep it under the rug as if the day doesn’t exist at all! The latter was my story when I started my first business. I quickly learned from my past mistakes. When I started my business in college I didn’t have a clue of what I needed to do concerning paying taxes as a business owner. This however was no excuse not to educate myself.  I didn’t even know there was tax help that  existed at that time.  Many artists go without knowing there are FREE tax resources to assist in the process. Of course,  having your own CPA is preferable, but in the meantime, you want to stay IRS compliant and informed.

One of the main reasons I am as passionate as I am about properly handling finances is because I believe if you are faithful over a few you will be made ruler over more. We often say how we want to have more, but if we are not good stewards over what is in our hands now, we clearly are not ready for more- not matter how talented we are.

As responsible ARTpreneurs™ you should think about these things and implement best practices year-round:

  • Familiarize yourself with what your business tax structure requires (i.e. DBA vs. LLC) Do your research and see which option best suites where you are  but most importantly where you are GOING.
  • When subcontracting others, keep a file of your contracts/payments for the year in a separate file/folder.(Google Drive is a great resource to store information that can be accessed remotely.)
  • When hiring subcontractors ALWAYS have them complete a W-9 form PRIOR to starting their contract ( has this form available). Scan and file this form for end of the year filings.
  • Save and pay your estimated quarterly taxes to Uncle Sam to prevent penalties (contact your local office if you do not have a CPA yet to assist with this).

As previously stated, hiring a CPA/book keeper is definitely the best way to go, but even then there are some items you should be aware of…hey, it’s your money.

Here are a few resources (most are free):


  • (you can print right from the site)
  • If you have or will sub-contract others to work for you: is a great and affordable resource for issuing 1099s

FREE Tax Preparation Assistance:

  •   Check with your local Community College as they frequently offer Free Tax Assistance (for the community, not just students).
  • This is a GREAT site with a plethora of resources for small business. You can even find a retired tax professional and request  one-on-one assistance. It’s great!
  •  AARP Foundation Tax Aid 888-687-2277 (no it’s not only for seniors)
  • Helpline toll-free 1 (855) 698-9435 or 855-My-Tx-Help (making  less than 57K)

Time is of the essence- there’s no excuse. If you haven’t already, go get your taxes in order- before they get YOU in order.

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