Are You Giving Yourself a LETHAL Injection?


I know the title may sound a little ‘out there’ but how many times have we put off what we KNOW to do until a more ‘convenient’ time? Countless, I’m sure! Recently I have become increasingly aware of the the little voices that remind me to do tasks that for whatever reason aren’t something that I look forward to doing yet I know will yield results that I AM looking forward to. Sounds a bit crazy huh? Knowing what to do and NOT doing it (or in nicer terms ‘putting it off’) is procrastination and self- sabotage.

This is what I found procrastination does to one’s life culture:

  • Cause you to  forfeit opportunities that would ultimately take you where you want to be in life
  • Can have the tendency to bring on a overwhelming feeling of stress because a matter is left unresolved
  • Can bring on a spirit of laziness (and there’s no room for that when pursuing purpose)lethal injection
  • Allows distractions to DRAIN energy that should be used for your work
  • Invites other procrastinators into your life to make you feel comfortable with where you are….not

These are only a few ways that procrastination changes one’s life culture for the worse- as you can see, it is lethal! Stay AWAY!

My husband recently shared a story with about an uber successful man he read about. This man accredited a lot of his success to his willingness and COMMITMENT to his ‘DO IT NOW‘ approach . In order to motivate himself, he would chant ‘Do It Now’  to himself 50 times in the a.m. and 50 times in the evening EVERY day. (I actually chuckled when the hubby shared the story with me). However, needing a bit of motivation myself, I decided to try it-not thinking  my mind would know what in the world my mouth was referring to…well, I was in for a shock! The moment I chanted it about 10 times, ALL of the things that I secretly put off starting rushing to the forefront of my mind! It was crazy! The more I chanted the more motivated I became and actually started doing the things that somehow ALWAYS remained at the bottom of my ‘ To Do’ list.  (This goes to show how POWERFUL words are- but that’s for another post.)


Whether you try this chant or not is totally up to you, but something else that is up to you is your success. Only YOU have the power to make a decision to do what you KNOW you need to do… I encourage you to DO IT TODAY!  I find this truth in the life of every successful person I know:
Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today!
  Don’t rest until you do. (Prov 6: 4) Now this is quoted by only the wisest man who ever lived, that’s all.


Wherever you ULTIMATELY see yourself going, know that you WILL have to run a tight ship with following up and DOing things that you would like to see disappear… Once you are ready to invest this level of discipline in your small tasks, then you are ready for more! : ) Share with me some of the things you have decided to DO now and no longer put off. There is power in speaking it! (Twitter: @SwayonTheMove FB: Sway Buckley ARTpreneur Coach)

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Never forget, your gift was made to transform lives!

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