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Developing programs and products with your craft is one of the easiest most rewarding streams an Artist can have!
Ever since I started my Creative Arts Staffing Firm I have loved having the liberty to enjoy the life I was designed to live!
I have since then created an opportunity for you to learn my systems so you can do the same!


This Program Is For You If You Are a Creative Who:

  •  Knows there is more you can offer with your craft but just don’t know how
  •  Wants to have a bigger impact on the lives of others through your craft
  •  Is tired of living beneath your calling and you are ready to live in your brilliance and producing opportunities rather always seeking them.
  •  Desire to create a virtual program that frees your time to do what matters most while bringing in revenue in your sleep (literally)

This Program Is NOT for you if you are a Creative who:

  •   Is not committed to putting in the work
  •  Only wants to focus on honing  the craft verses multiplying the gift
  •  Doesn’t have the energy to focus on living the best life created for you


If you are ready to go further faster, then you are the only one holding yourself back.

12 –week Virtual Coaching Program Includes:

Weekly Themes Such as:

  • Building Clientele So You Always Have a Waiting List
  • Identifying The Client Who Has The Resources to Invest
  • Putting Your Programs on AUTO-Pilot
  • Partnering With Schools
  • Negotiating Contracts
  • Writing Proposals
  • Creating Virtual Programs
  • Use Your Experience as Expertise

3 Month Coaching with Sway Buckley

One-Time Investment Of:


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3-Pay Installments of $157.00

(debited every 30 days)

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Listen, we BOTH know there is more inside of you..right? There’s no reason why you should be settling for mere addition in life when you were created to MULTIPLY your gift! Impact more lives! I am here to help YOU! There IS a better way to live your life full of purpose and creativity in a PROFITABLE way! This is your time!

Let’s Get It!

Sway Buckley

Your ARTpreneur Coach

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