Serious Skills Your Biz May Be Lacking & How To Get’em

There are times when you can just feel there’s a missing piece to your biz but you may not even know what it is so you don’t even know what to ask!

Lemme help.

Lately, I’ve been having much of the same convo with my ARTpreneur clients. We’ve needed to focus primarily on very specific skills and I’ve realized a common thread ya’ll.

These skills I’m referring to aren’t included in our creative art curriculum in school either,

Lemme go deeper.

For as far back as I can remember, in junior high, high school and even college we creatives  were never taught about building a ‘business’ with our craft. Now, grant it, I DID have a career course my senior year in college that prepped me on what my business cards should look like, but when it came down to actually GETTING the business…

hmmm… not so much.

Not to say that my education wasn’t great, because it was! It just didn’t fully equip me for where I am now- running multiple businesses and creating a life that fits my purpose (all as a dancer). The thing is, leading a life that brings true fulfillment and profitability aaaand freedom, isn’t really the focus of traditional education. At the end of the day it all comes down to having specific skill sets. The skill sets needed to succeed in any creative field are effective communication, negotiation, sales (yes, we’re all in sales), discipline, discernment and I could go on.

None of these, at a glance,  have anything to do with our ‘craft’, but without them, we creatives (especially) are in trouble.

So, here’s one of the top ways I work on staying ‘fresh’ in these areas.

I keep learning.

Meaning, I FIND experts in each area I want to become proficient in and I study them one at a time.  This may be through their coaching programs and products, through books, their blogs, etc.

The main thing is: NEVER stop learning!

We should be constantly stretching to improve on what we already know in business so we get and stay sharp (kinda like your craft- do we ever stop working on that?)

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

With there being so many questions about how to grow forward as a successful ARTpreneur, I’ve penned a free PDF cheat sheet,  Live In Your Creative Purpose (Click Here To Get It).  This free resource breaks down the TOP 3 areas that keep creatives STUCK in business and life.

These areas are exactly what held me back for yeeeears and I’ve given you practical steps to FIX each of them quickly.

My goal is to equip my right-brainer fam across the globe to THRIVE in life and grow in business. Click here to get it!

The world is yours to impact, it’s time to take that step.

Keep Creating!



P.S. I just finished the PDF earlier this week (click here to get it) and I’d love to hear how it helps you (as I’m sure it will).


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