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Tamara Solomon
“Sway’s Smart Artist Intensive Workshop definitely inspired and FUELED me to reach for this dream (owning my own fashion line)!”

Tamara Solomon,
Fashion Designer & Owner
Carat Fashion House

Sharon Neel-Bagley
“(Sway) made it easy to gain perspective on what my business needs to grow and continue to be a success. I’ve learned how to be CLEAR on what my ideal client looks like!”

Sharon Neel-Bagley,
Print Frog Press, Co-Owner
Iron Frog Press

Anita Jones
“Through Sway’s coaching I found myself amazed at my progress and mesmerized that I had a coach who was just as committed to my success as I was. Sway’s accountability made me strive to walk out the art of believing in the impossible. My entire life perspective has changed because I no longer find myself limited to working for a paycheck but seek fulfillment in helping others to live their own dreams and empower others! Sway’s Smart Artist Institute will remind you that if you are serious about living your dream and working hard, the outcomes can be limitless!”

Anita Jones,
Jewelry Designer
& Non Profit Consultant

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