3 Things Artists & Creatives Should Learn From the US Gov Shut Down

Gov shut down

It’s amazing how one occurrence, such as the Government shut down, can change the outlook of someone’s life (or LOTS of lives for that matter). I’m not here to talk about my opinion about what should or shouldn’t be done with the state of the U.S. Government. However, I do think there are some vital lessons to be learned and applied to the culture of our business as entrepreneurs, yes even us Creatives : )

  • 1.) Open Government ≠ Job Security

I remember the morning my husband called me on his way home from his job explaining that he was just terminated. Our faith was definitely challenged in that moment but I also realized that although it took us by surprise- it didn’t take God by surprise. In this day in age, it is foolish to assume that there is any such thing as job security especially when someone else is signing your check. I believe any job is simply a REsource. But when we start looking to that job as THE source- that’s where the subtle problem begins. Whether you are working for yourself full time or clocking in on someone else’s time, it’s important to remember to stay balanced and ALWAYS be grateful. Since my husband’s transition into entrepreneurship our core beliefs have surely been tested but I KNOW we would not be where we are today had our circumstances not been agitated. Take a look at your life- when those unforeseen events come- remember to use it as an opportunity to flourish rather than fret.

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