Calvin Sexton
“Sway, I wanted to let you know that I received my first sale today for (my first) trombone camp! Thank you!”

Calvin Sexton,
Music Educator

Sharon Neel-Bagley
“(Sway) made it easy to gain perspective on what my business needs to grow and continue to be a success. I’ve learned how to be CLEAR on what my ideal client looks like!”

Sharon Neel-Bagley,
Print Frog Press, Co-Owner
Iron Frog Press

Lisa Morris
“Working with Sway was mind-opening. I now have a clear path on what I need to do and it’s all because I invested in myself. Before I came I thought I had it together, but I realize now how much I didn’t know because of her coaching. Sway has taught me how to get my lowest hanging fruit and not miss all of the opportunities staring me in the face. Investing in yourself is necessary. You need another gifted person to give you a clear path on what you need to do next.”

Lisa Morris
Choreographer & Dancer
CEO of Heart of Dance
Heart of Dance

Tamara Solomon
“Sway’s Smart Artist Intensive Workshop definitely inspired and FUELED me to reach for this dream (owning my own fashion line)!”

Tamara Solomon,
Fashion Designer & Owner
Carat Fashion House

Avis Sauls
“The experience working with my ARTpreneur Coach, Sway has been the best blessing for my comp any. In the years past I have been making last minute advance with no solid guidance and running into so many roadblocks! But gaining the opportunity to allow my ARTpreneur Coach, Sway to give me such insight into some of my company’s obstacles has helped me to see and experience opportunity and success instead of obstacles of interference. Having her as a coach has offered the motivation and clear direction I have desire for so very long!”

Avis Sauls,
Artistic Director
of Essence Dance Company
Essence Dance Company

JuNene K.
“Sway gave me action items for both short term and long term goals. I was able to walk away and implement immediately for results. I would totally work with her again and not worry about the investment. The best investment is in yourself and your business. Don’t think about the money. Don’t let that stop you. Figure out a way to make it work because with Sway’s coaching you leave with an action plan to get things done and your business grows. If your business is growing, you’re making more money.”

JuNene K.,
Creative Movement Specialist
CEO of Pmotionstudio
Perpetual Motion Dance Studios

Dr. Hamaria Crockett
“My session with Sway was a powerful combination of work, brainpower, more work. It was WONDERFUL. It’s extremely important to have a coach to help you bounce your ideas off with someone who has been where you want to go. Coaching is an investment towards a greater future and for your life. Sway’s coaching style is DYNAMIC. She is very effective with her instruction and teaching strategies. She has a great understanding of what it takes in order to be successful.”

Dr. Hamaria Crockett,
Imperfect Me Coaching
& Consulting
Imperfect Me

“All of the information Sway shared was useful and I appreciate the fact that she has walked me through a large part of it already… It’s great having someone guide me around mistakes that I would have taken otherwise!”

Kori Walker,
CEO of Remba
Natural Hair Stylist

Anita Jones
“Through Sway’s coaching I found myself amazed at my progress and mesmerized that I had a coach who was just as committed to my success as I was. Sway’s accountability made me strive to walk out the art of believing in the impossible. My entire life perspective has changed because I no longer find myself limited to working for a paycheck but seek fulfillment in helping others to live their own dreams and empower others! Sway’s Smart Artist Institute will remind you that if you are serious about living your dream and working hard, the outcomes can be limitless!”

Anita Jones,
Jewelry Designer
& Non Profit Consultant

Tiffany Michelle Thompson
“Working with Sway Buckley was a life changing experience for me. She is thorough, organized and knowledgeable about the process of becoming your own CEO. I would definitely work with Sway again!”

Tiffany Michelle Thompson,
Broadway Performer
& Creator of One-Woman Show
Actress | Singer | Writer

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